Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Online Missions Trip

Tim Schmoyer is a Youth Pastor here in Minnesota. He's got a GREAT idea for an Online Mission Trip, February 1-14, 2009. On February 15th, his group will begin using Dare 2 Share's new curriculum, The Gospel Journey Maui to continue reaching students for Christ. I LOVE this idea. If you are a youth pastor, I'd highly encourage you to consider joining the Online Mission Trip.

Better yet, why just let our students lead in this area. I've got a church full of adults who have latched onto social networking too. So, adults . . . let's join the revolution! Scripture calls very few people wise, but it does tell us that he who wins souls is wise (Proverbs 11:30). Our world needs Jesus today, as much as ever. May you take the challenge, and let your light shine for Christ.

You can find out more at

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Joseph - The Stepfather of God

I'm preaching a series of sermons at Woodbury Community Church right now called What Child Is This? A Season of Discovery. Each week we take a look at a different character from the Christmas story. Last week we looked at Herod: The King Who Missed Christmas. This week's message is entitled, Joseph: The Stepfather of God.

When I think about Joseph's life, and the task that he had given to him by God, I'm blown away. Long ago, I heard a song by Michael Card entitled Joseph's Song. I'd forgotten about that song until I started researching this sermon. The words are so powerful, and I think that they communicate many of the emotions and thoughts that must have been going through Joseph's mind when he discovered that he would be the stepfather of God.

I won't have time to play the song, or show the video on Sunday, but here is a YouTube video of the song. May it prepare your heart for the message on Sunday.